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Team building: What is this concept and how to apply it in business?

Published on Dec 16, 2019

For some years now, many companies have been betting on team building actions. Do you know what this is?

By literal translation, team building means team building. This type of corporate training is focused not on updating technical knowledge, but on developing different professional and personal skills that can make work teams more engaged in performing tasks and more engaged with the results determined by the company.

Human capital forms the basis of any business and needs to be properly taken care of to bring the desired value. With the right strategies, it is possible to keep employees productive and motivated to improve the organizational climate, execution of activities and customer satisfaction.

What skills are developed in team building activities?

Team building-based corporate trainings help develop different skills, depending on the goals each company wants to achieve. But in general, when building and developing a team with activities and training, companies and employees pass trought transformations. Learn about some of the benefits of team building activities:

1- Clear understanding of the team concept

A team is different from a group. A group is just the gathering of two or more people to accomplish some goal that does not always rely on everyone's efforts. A team is more strategic because it brings together people with crucial skills who need to complement each other to reach a certain goal and contribute to the outcome of the organization as a whole.

Professionals need to understand this difference so that they are more aware of its importance in company projects and how they can be helpful in helping to succeed.

2- Self-knowledge

A professional needs to know their qualities and defects very well to assertively manage their behavior and deal with other teammates.

Self-knowledge, allied with efficient emotional intelligence, is essential to the job, as it will be the opportunity for the person to offer to the company the best and learn to manage the defects that can prevent the success of individual and projects executed.

3 - Improved communication

Interpersonal communication is one of the pillars of an efficient and result-focused work team. Clear, noise-free information exchange improves activity flow and minimizes execution errors. The result of good communication between professionals is projects developed with quality and within the time frame that was initially determined.

4- Greater engagement

Team building activities are usually performed outside the work environment. This change of scenery breaks the ice and makes employees of a particular project or department more comfortable. That way, they can get to know each other better and create affinities that are positive for the company's business. Team engagement is only possible when team members are in tune and rowing in the same direction with the same degree of commitment.

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