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Conquistar Catalyst Brazil put another feather in their Tricorne

Published on May 1, 2019

Conquistar - Catalyst Brazil, a member of the Integration Group that develops corporate games, recently added another option to its portfolio of corporate games: Trade Winds.

Trade Winds is a team activity that explores strategy. It has a very playful theme, in which the participants are led to feel like pirates on their ships at sea. The game happens at a fast pace, involving negotiation, information gathering, building networks of relationship and trust.

"In this scenario, participants have to manage time and information, and need to put into action a sharp rhetoric to maximize their merchandise and achieve the greatest dividend. That is, the game provides an assimilation of trading concepts and practices", explains Alain Segers, operations manager at Conquistar.

Divided into up to 12 teams of at least two participants in each, Trade Winds begins with the distribution of goods and some information. From there, teams are the protagonists of the game and have to assemble their strategies to get more data about the scenario. The goal is to accumulate treasures and for this, the groups need to build relationships with the other ships. Collecting information is vital for these negotiations to take place. Deciding what information will be passed to the other teams is also part of the game.

"Teams measure their possibilities and act to manage conflicts of interest, risks and chances of winning," says Alain.

Ethics in trading are also present in Trade Winds.

"Participants can act ethically or not. But what we see in the game is that when a team is unethical in the first round, doing, for example, a negotiation that is not fulfilled later, in the other rounds it ends up isolated from the activity ", says Conquistar Operations Manager.

At the end of Trade Winds, a group wins, but it is important to note that, even though it is a competitive exercise, the game works cooperatively.

"The most successful teams are those who focus on their own bottom line, but collaborate with each other to build results in which everyone wins," said Alain.

After all the frenzy of the game, the teams are still undergoing a review process, in which the winners can share the strategies adopted to achieve the result. An experience that inspires reality.

Trade Winds was researched and designed by Catalyst Team building - the largest corporate gaming network in the world represented in Brazil exclusively by Conquistar - Catalyst Brazil.

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