4 tips for developing teamwork

Published on Feb 7, 2020

The achievement of a certain goal is not the result of the effort of just one professional, but of teamwork. People with different skills need to know how to come together strategically to get a project off the ground, in order to maintain the company's reliability and customer satisfaction.

Doing good teamwork is not always an easy task, as you have to deal with different egos, personalities, degrees of maturity and ambitions.

But when there is professionalism, good management and a well-defined goal, the chances of everyone putting their efforts in the same measure and paddling in the same direction become greater.

There are many ways that companies can use to convey the concepts of teamwork to employees and elucidate how everyone involved can gain from this behavior.

developing teamwork

Ways to develop good teamwork

Here are some tips on how your company can awaken this collaborative spirit in employees. Check out:

  • Assess the organizational climate
  • Identify the skills of each professional
  • Improve internal communication
  • Invest in corporate games

Assess the organisational climate

Happy employees work with more dedication and passion. Therefore, try to identify how the degree of satisfaction of professionals with the company is and what is possible to change to improve the relationship.

Small changes can make quite significant differences and awaken the employee's desire to play together with other co-workers to achieve new results and more recognition.

Identify the skills of each professional

It is very important that supervisors and managers know the skills of each professional and know how to use them properly in the company's daily routine.

When doing what an employee knows and likes, and still facing challenges that allow the awakening of new skills, the employee will tend to be more engaged and see a promising path in teamwork.

Improve internal communication

Teamwork depends, among other things, on good communication between its members.

This ability to speak and listen without noise and with respect needs to be present in all departments, since many projects involve people from different areas of the company.

Develop awareness actions so that all employees can understand the importance of communicating well, from a simple greeting to a brainstorm that will dictate the direction of customer demands.

Invest in corporate games

Gamification can be a very promising path for companies interested in developing or honing different skills in professionals and, thus, leveraging sales and improving results.

Whether indoor or outdoor, corporate games bet on the playful side to convey concepts, remove limiting beliefs and motivate professionals to see the range of opportunities they can take advantage of in the company if they know how to put certain skills into practice.

If your company wants to know the benefits of gamification, one of the first steps is to invest in team building games. They convey the concepts of training and teamwork and the message that it is necessary to share and join forces to achieve the goals.

Catalyst's team building games include Beat the Box, Go Team and The Big Picture. Get to know other courses focused on teamwork by clicking here.

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